Joining God in the renewal of our neighborhood.

"Together with our neighbors, we are working to end poverty in our community through the power of community." 

Epic Hope embraces a comprehensive approach to alleviating poverty, acknowledging its complex nature and the necessity for a holistic strategy. By tackling root causes like fractured families, educational deficiencies, restricted career pathways, community development needs, and healthcare accessibility, Epic Hope strives to elevate the entirety of the community. Through targeted, community-led efforts, we seek to create sustainable change, ensuring no family is left behind and the entire community experiences positive transformation.
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Storehouse Saturdays
Food & Clothing Ministry

We offer food, clothing and counseling to individuals on the third Saturday each month from 9:00am to 11:00am. Individuals visit with counselors from our congregation, where we pray and talk to them about Christ. Then they can “shop” for clothing in the clothing room for free. After they are finished they will receive food that has been donated to the church for distribution to our neighbors in the area.